Rose Woodland

Rose has always loved art and crafts, and can't remember a time when she wasn't drawing, painting or making things. At the time she left full time education, Rose was mainly interested in detailed graphite and pen and ink studies of animals. Her career in IT then took precedence for the next thirty years or more, leaving her little time to indulge in her hobby.

When Rose retired, she suddenly had time to explore her creative side again. She also discovered the added bonus of all the wonderful new products now easily available, and endless sources of inspiration and tuition on the internet.

After years of thinking of herself as a strictly realistic animal portrait artist, she was surprised to find herself increasingly attracted to abstract techniques, and the challenge of merging the two styles together.

For the future, Rose plans to explore many more media and techniques, and hopefully put her own interpretation on whatever she learns.

Contact Rose

Website: www.rosewoodland.co.uk
Facebook: Click to visit Rose's page
Email: woodland382@btinternet.com
Phone: 01654 711 878
Mobile: 07881 556 797

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